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Dental Dental Industry Review

APC Flash-Free “Strong and Durable”

For a smooth workflow when you’re bonding brackets, choose APC Flash-Free Adhesive from 3M Oral Care. Why do dentists love to work with it? Quite simply because it’s easy to use. There is no need for a clean up after placement, the risk of bacterial build up is eliminated and [...]

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Month: January 2020

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Dental Oral Health Foundation

Word of Mouth: January 2020

Hello and welcome to a brand-new issue of Word of Mouth – the Oral Health Foundation’s digital magazine. We are very excited to continue our work in 2020 to bring healthy smiles to more people than ever before. We hope we can continue to count on your fantastic support which ...



Dental Oral Health Foundation

About Moveit4smiles

Moveit4smiles has one simple aim – to get moving and raise money in the fight against mouth cancer. Our group tackles some of the UK’s most exciting and rewarding physical challenges. By supporting Moveit4smiles you will help us to: Increase awareness of mouth cancer. Increase awareness about the importance of good oral ...


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Cyber security ITPro.

Six ways boards can step up support for cyber security

For organisations both large and small, cyber attacks are a constant concern, with a recent study revealing that 68% of business leaders feeling like their risks are increasing. Accountability for breaches and incidents now extends far beyond IT, and organisations are beginning to push cyber security responsibility into the hands of ...


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Cyber security ITPro.

Our 5-minute guide to security awareness training

The speed at which the security landscape is evolving can make it challenging to keep up to date with the latest threats for those on the front line of a business’ cyber defences. It is even more difficult for employees who aren’t involved in cyber security to know what to ...


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Cyber security ITPro.

What are the different types of ransomware?

Ransomware is a specific type of malware that tries to extract a ransom payment in exchange for unblocking access to the victim’s device. Unlike other cyber attacks, ransomware encrypts data rather than stealing or destroying it. The WannaCry attack that affected the NHS in 2017 and infected over 400,000 computers across 150 ...



Dental Oral Health Foundation

Charity boss leads new European oral health manifesto

19 Dec 2019 Oral health experts from around Europe, including the Oral Health Foundation’s Dr Nigel Carter OBE, have launched a new manifesto for improving oral health around the EU. The manifesto, called ‘Why Oral Health Matters’, features five main policy areas that will advance oral health in Europe. The ...

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