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Dental Dental Industry Review

APC Flash-Free “Strong and Durable”

For a smooth workflow when you’re bonding brackets, choose APC Flash-Free Adhesive from 3M Oral Care. Why do dentists love to work with it? Quite simply because it’s easy to use. There is no need for a clean up after placement, the risk of bacterial build up is eliminated and [...]

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Month: March 2020

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Dental Oral Health Foundation

Dental care and coronavirus (COVID-19)

UPDATE 05.01.21 – Dental practices will be allowed to remain open in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland during the third national lockdown beginning on Tuesday 5th January. For a dental practice to treat you, they will need fully compliant PPE, to exercise social distancing measures and apply appropriate cross-infection control. ...



Dental Oral Health Foundation

Ellie and Annas’ cycle to Amsterdam

Hello, my name’s Ellie and I am 18 years old and live in sunny Suffolk. In April (fingers crossed!), myself and my friend Anna will be cycling 150km to Amsterdam raising money for the Oral Health Foundation and also St Elizabeth’s Hospice in Ipswich. Currently, I am student studying Biology, ...


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Cyber security ITPro.

What is cyber warfare?

Sending soldiers into trenches and onto the frontline is no longer necessary as the hell of war is increasingly conducted online. This is called cyber warfare and it involves the use of technology to attack other nations, governments, and citizens by attacking their computer systems.  Although there’s been no all-out ...


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Dental Oral Health Foundation

Donate resources

By donating to the Oral Health Foundation, you will join a wide range of wonderful people and organisations who are supporting the work we do to achieve better oral health for all. Latest Most read Mouth ulcers Usually red or yellow in colour, mouth ulcers are painful sores that can ...


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Cyber security ITPro.

How to turn on Windows Defender

Windows Defender is Microsoft’s anti-malware component for Window. Initially released with Windows Vista and Window 7, Windows Defender is now an integral security component of Microsoft’s latest operating system.  It offers a suite of anti-malware tools that are enabled by default when Windows 10 is installed and booted up. However, ...

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