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Top 5 business sectors targeted by ransomware

Any business is subject to ransomware attacks, but some are more hit more than others. Tom Merritt lists five business sectors that are targeted by ransomware. You may have heard me mention ransomware before. You know, the malware that locks up your systems and asks you to pay money in [...]

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Cyber security ITPro.

Patch management vs vulnerability management

Applying security patches is a constant problem for IT departments. From printers to laptops to servers, every single piece of IT equipment within an organisation could be a potential way for hackers to get into a corporate network, and making sure that they’re as locked-down as possible is a full-time ...


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Cyber security ITPro.

Why WPA3 may be no safer than WPA2

Back in 2017, security researchers discovered a significant flaw in the wireless security protocol commonly-used to secure Wi-Fi connections. This WPA2 attack was dubbed KRACK, short for Key Reinstallation Attack, and while it was swiftly patched by most manufacturers, the fact that such a significant flaw existed in the WPA2 ...


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Cyber security ITPro.

How do you become an ethical hacker?

When you think of a hacker, you’ll likely imagine a person in a dark room illegally breaking into a computer server to steal information or install malicious software. It’s an image that’s been sculpted by film and TV, inspired by real-world criminal cases. However, not only is the picture largely ...