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Month: May 2021

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Cyber security TechRepublic

Security teams plan a new pandemic quarantine for BYOD devices headed back to the office

A survey from Blackberry finds that IT departments are worried about unpatched devices connecting to corporate networks as offices reopen. More about cybersecurity Security professionals are bracing for the next phase of the remote work reality: personal devices coming back into the office and bringing along all the associated security ...



Cyber security ITPro.

Best free malware removal tools 2021

There is a very high chance that at some point in your life a device you own may become infected with malware. From simple phishing scams, like dodgy email attachments, to more sophisticated code exploits, hackers are always developing more innovative ways to break into devices. Thankfully, when you do find yourself ...


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Cyber security The Register

Red Hat open-sources StackRox Kubernetes security product

Kubecon Europe As Kubecon Europe gets under way, Red Hat has pushed out StackRox, the Kubernetes security product it acquired earlier this year, as an open-source project which will be the upstream for its Advanced Cluster Security for OpenShift. The StackRox product is itself deployed as a Kubernetes application and ...