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Ukraine blames Belarus for PC-wiping ‘ransomware’ that has no recovery method and nukes target boxen

After last week’s website defacements, Ukraine is now being targeted by boot record-wiping malware that looks like ransomware but with one crucial difference: there’s no recovery method. Officials have pointed the finger at Belarus. Fountain at Independence Square in Minsk, Belarus Targets of this new malware wave “span multiple government, [...]

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Become an ethical hacker for just $13 during this Cyber Week sale

Cyber security TechRepublic today30/11/2021 2

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Now you can learn everything you need to become a master ethical hacker without having to take time away from your current job.

Hacker at desktop using laptop with abstract digital map interface on blurry background. Global network and travel concept. Multiexposure (Hacker at desktop using laptop with abstract digital map interface on blurry background. Global network and tra

Image: iStockphoto/peshkov

Since cybercrimes have been becoming increasingly more frequent and more severe, with mid-sized companies the most vulnerable, the demand for cybersecurity experts has continued to increase. If you would like to make 2022 the year you switch to an exciting new career in the lucrative tech industry, you really can’t beat The All-In-One 2022 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle, since use coupon code CMSAVE70 during this Cyber Week sale to get it for just $12.90.

While you can train at your own pace with 18 different courses, you don’t need to complete more than one before you can start applying for new positions. “All-in-One Hacking Guide: From Zero to Hero” provides a great overview, and you’ll learn how to legally hack some of the biggest online apps in the world in “Bug Bounty: Web Hacking.”

The “Learn Network Attacks & Security” course and “Complete Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Course” are comprehensive guides that provide a solid foundation. Then you can learn specifics about the techniques employed in cracking mobile devices in “Hack People, Systems & Mobile Devices: Advanced Social Engineering.”

Python is popular and easy to learn. You’ll learn how to hack with it in “Introduction to Python & Hacking with Python” and “Complete Python 3 Ethical Hacking Course: Zero to Mastery.”

There are also two courses that focus on Burp. “Learn Burp Suite for Advanced Web Penetration Testing” is the first, then you’ll learn more about bug hunting in “Mastering Burp Suite Community Edition: Bug Hunters Perspective.”

Learning tools for different platforms will help you build an enviable armory. You can “Learn Server Security with BitNinja,” a crowd favorite with a 4.8 out of five stars rating. Instructor Gabriel Avramescu loves challenging security assumptions, methods, and strategies by emulating adversaries. Then gain more expertise with “Complete NMAP: Learn Ethical Hacking with NMAP,” “Master in Hacking with Metasploit,” “Kali Linux Hacker Tools, Tricks & Techniques” and “PenTesting with OWASP ZAP: Mastery Course.”

You’ll get lots of practice with “Website Hacking in Practice: Hands-On Course 101,” “Hacking in Practice: Certified Ethical Hacking Mega Course” and “Hacking Wireless Networks: Theory & Practice.” And “Ethical Hacker Certification Course” can prepare you to get certified.

Don’t miss this chance to train to become a master ethical hacker, use coupon code CMSAVE70 during this Cyber Week sale to get The All-In-One 2022 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle for only $12.90 (normally $3,284). Note: This coupon code is good through Dec. 5, 2021.

Prices subject to change.

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